Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How To Do Fake Gift Showers in mig33?

Fake Shower

Gift shower is a very familiar portion in chatrooms & group chats. So you can use a nice trick to fake gift showers & make your friends fo0l !!!


       How to do? 
  •  It's very simple. Just enter any chatroom or creat group chat.
  • Copy the text from bellow or write it
/me << *GIFT SHOWER* guiterist_ctg [129] gives a (hearts) to rupo0m, zahed.1z1, ronyfk, boro_vai_shuvo, awz and others 13! HURRAY!-->>
  • You have to replace your id to guiterist_ctg
  • Replace your level to [129]
  • change gift receiver IDs 
So do it now & make fo0l your friends!!! :D Hope you'll enjoy. :x
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