Thursday, February 14, 2013

mig33 for android

Hello mig33rs,
The latest & greatest version of mig33 Android client is here!!
The new mig33 Android client is faster and easier to use. Every feature is focused on delivering FAST, FUN & SOCIAL entertainment to your Android mobile phone!! So why late? Let's check out the features & download mig33 for android.

  • Whole new sleek interface allows for FAST & EASY access to all features!! You can now swipe through screens to access the many mig33 features!!
  • New photo application allows you to snap your memories and add fun frames and effects to them before sharing your joyous moments with your friends!!
  • Multitasking facilities are here! New Window Manager allows you to switch between multiple conversations, chat rooms or pages easily.
  • Share your thoughts with your friends and find out what your friends are doing with mig33 updates!!
  • Hours of fun with better battery life!! Your Android device will save battery and reduce data traffic when the application is idle or in background mode!